Financial Report 2022/23

The Foundation was able to significantly increase its donations to project partners around the world to CHF 5.4 million - the highest donation volume the Foundation has been able to provide to date. With technological, professional and direct financial support to our partners, we are constantly striving to achieve more impact by supporting children with hearing loss in underserved regions around the world.


The financial report has been audited by EY. Full details can be found in the document below, which is available for download.

Income from donations 2022/23

We thank all supporters for their trust in our work and generous donations. With the help of the growing funds from Sonova and its employees, individual donors, organizations and foundations, we will be able to further expand our project portfolio in the coming years and reach even more children.


Regional distribution

5 Projects
>CHF 2.3 mil.
5 Projects
>CHF 1.5 mil.
4 Projects
>CHF 1,6 mil.