Our partners and their commitment

Without functioning batteries, the best hearing aid is of no use. Hearing aid batteries are unaffordable for many people in low-income countries and are often hardly available locally. VARTA Microbattery has been supporting the Hear the World Foundation with power-one hearing aid batteries since 2010. Thanks to this partnership, the foundation can provide batteries free of charge for every hearing aid donated. 


Torsten Schmerer General Manager Business Unit Health care at VARTA Microbattery GmbH


Why does VARTA support the Hear the World Foundation with free power-one batteries?

For VARTA, sustainable, social, ecological and economic action is inextricably linked with over 130 years of corporate culture. By supporting the Hear the World Foundation, we want to enable children with hearing loss to lead independent lives that are integrated into society.


Batteries for hearing systems are demanding. Why?

It’s all about maximum performance, reliability and safety in the smallest possible space. As the market leader in hearing aid batteries, we can effectively support the foundation’s activities.


Where do you see potential in the collaboration?

As a technology leader and supplier of innovative quality products, we are aware of our social and societal responsibility. That is why we will continue to support the foundation in all of its projects in the future. There is still a lot to do!


What does supporting the Hear the World Foundation mean to you personally?

With our help, children with hearing loss are supported and integrated into society. It is our contribution to making the world a little better.

Thank you

We would like to thank all of our partners for their valuable commitment.


In addition to batteries from VARTA and products from the Phonak, Unitron and Advanced Bionics brands of Sonova AG, other partners provided products to the foundation at preferential rates. In 2022/23, Hear the World Foundation was able to count on the support of Audioscan, Audia, Ear Gear, Inventis and Path Medical.



Advanced Bionics



Ear Gear


Path Medical